TeraPlast and E.ON Energie România sign a 1.9 million euro agreement

Bistrița, 18.01 2019

E.ON Energie România and TeraPlast have entered into a strategic partnership, worth 1.9 million euro, to accomplish one of the largest solar energy generating systems in Romania.

Building a photovoltaic power station is mainly intended to produce electricity from renewable sources, using solar energy and delivering the produced energy to the consumers connected to the power station.

Based upon this partnership, E.ON will install solar energy systems on the roofs of 13 production halls and buildings owned by TeraPlast, which will enable the company to generate its own power from renewable sources. Thus, in the long run, the company will reduce the CO2 emissions up to 600.000 tonnes per year. The agreement provides for the possibility to extend the project next year with up to 4 million Euros.

The photovoltaic power stations will produce a total of up to 2.196 Gigawatt hours (GWh) per year, which corresponds to approximately 11.45% of TeraPlast’s total power requirements

“TeraPlast is following ambitious objectives for the sustainability of its business and we are proud of this partnership. E.ON is implementing photovoltaic solutions to the customers interested in the power efficiency and in reducing their carbon footprint, the international know-how guaranteeing the best possible result for our customers and the climate”, says Dan Morari, CEO of E.ON Energie România.

According to TeraPlast’s CEO, Alexandru Stânean, “our concern in the environment is real, which translates into actions and investments of millions of Euros. After last year’s investment of TeraPlast in the PVC recycling station, this year we are starting a strategic partnership with E.ON. For TeraPlast, beside the raw material, electricity is the main resource we use in the manufacturing of our products. From this point of view, our concern to produce at least a part of this energy in a
sustainable manner is natural and coincides with our wish to grow healthy and responsible”.

The installation corresponding to the photovoltaic power station includes a surveillance system that allows supervising and assessing the operational results, both locally and remotely. The roof systems on the market have a nominal power output of maximum 1,936 Kilowatt (kWp).

About TeraPlast Group
With over 120 years of tradition, TeraPlast Group is the largest building materials manufacturer for the construction market with Romanian capital. The Group’s product portfolio is organised on six business lines: Installations & Decoration, Joinery profiles, Granules, Thermal insulation panels,
Windows & Doors and Metallic Roof Tiles. TeraPlast Group has opened in October 2017 TeraSteel Serbia, the first factory fully owned by a Romanian company, inaugurated after 1990.

Since the 2nd of July 2008, the largest company of the Group – TeraPlast SA – is listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange under the TRP symbol.

About E.ON Energie România
E.ON Energie România, a member of the German E.ON Group, is specialised in supplying natural gas, electricity and energy solutions. Its 3 million customer portfolio is labelling E.ON Energie România as one of the most important players on the gas and electricity market in Romania.


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